Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lookbook: My mum's old items

Havent updated my blog since I cant enter Lookbook, finally its fine now x)
Few weeks ago, I found my mum's old items and they r still looking cool.  As these items no longer fit my mum anymore, so i decided to put them in my wardrobe:)

the white shirt and the real leather trousers belongs to mum and here r my way to wear them:)

Check my Lookbook: Megan L.

Sadly that I cant update my blog so continously as my schooldays r really busy:(

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lookbook: My city,Hong Kong

its been awhile that i havent updated my blog, as my holiday was ended:(
and busy school days began,just sooooo tried everyday.
but anyways, its Friday now:')
so here r the looks wif my studded platform(click)<3

took this photo in the beautiful harbour:)and my new try to wear shorts,i know sounds werid but i was always not brave enough to wear strong cuz my legs are too 'strong' :( usually i will wear heels and stockings to coevr up them.

The outfits is a bit 70s which i love very much:)

matching my purple shirt,i wear the same colour of nail polish too:)
my lovely shoes:)
see u:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My new studded plaform shoes

So,they are my recent favourite ! very nice and comfortable.
I brought them from Gunagzhou,the price is very cute:)
and suitable to walk whole day and also,extra hight<3333

I lovelovevlove the studs details, make the shoes look perfect:)
Cant wait to share how I wear them!

Simple Nails:)

Just now,I helped mum to do her nails,as she said she liked mine. So i chose other nude colour to match wif the grey which I think is more suitable for mum's age:P.
Here are some very simple steps to do them:)

wear the base coat first,the nude colour

and then the grey polish should be leaned to one side

draw a thin white line(toothpick may help<3)between the two colours 

For addional,I also add golden lines right next to the white one to britghten the nalis:) 
here are the colour that i actually used for mum's and mine,kind of pastel colours,love:)

Friday, April 13, 2012


sometimes,life is full of sadness.
All I can see are black and white,but I enjoy living in my own world.
I love taking photos as I can create my own world.

or it is colourful?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First New Post!! Title: Rock in black

 Hey guys, this is my first new post! In this blog, i'm goin to show u guys my fashion style and photographs that taken by me.well, its a new challenge for me cuz i am not good at writing a blog and no good idea for a blog,but why not ,just try:) and my english maybe not that good;-( But still,i will try:)

So,here are my first look for my blog:
Title:Rock in black

 I reall love the hi-low dress,the cutting is really special:) I saw lots of grils in lookbook wear them very stylish, hope mine will be too:)