Friday, June 28, 2013

From Alwayslovefashion to the Exterior lock

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Just back from the IT party at Woobar and HKfashionbloggers 2nd anniversiary,such a eventful night!

So here, I am glad to announce that, I'm officially changing my blog's name!
From Alwayslovefashion to the Exterior Lock.
I started my blog in a really impromtu mood and I didnt think much at that moment, all I could think of was I will always love fashion, so the blog name came up in this simple way.
 The reason I decided to change my blog name is that I decided to take fashion as my futrue path so I want to have a blog name that really represent me.
I've been thinking for the whole week, what's always in my mind/ what kind of person I am?
After talking to my friends, blogger Nick Chan( he actually suggested the word 'lock' for me, so thanks for that Nick:P), and my teacher.
The Exterior Lock finally came up!
Bisically, My blog is all around fashion, and I always wanna lock people's eyes on my fashion style, so that's the an exterior lock.
Moreover,I am always have a lot of negative feelings in my heart,mind...(I am a negative ion actully lol), and fashion seems the only way to make me feel better, like dressing up myself in glamor, DIY an awsome t-shirt,etc are always my sources of happiness, so that I can lock up my negativities and lock in exterior of me.

So,That's biscally it, more amendments of my blog will be done in the future.

Next very first post of The Exterior Lock will be up soon, so stay tuned!

Megan xx

Friday, June 14, 2013

Short break

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well, exam still undone.
Still have two more subjects to go,then I will be freeeeeeee!
anyways, after fighting for this whole week, finally have a short holidays.
so I spend some time here, do a small outfit post.
Then I will back to the study hell again:-/
I hope I will still alive and attend the coming events!!!
This is a daily outfit I wore when I hang out with my friends.
This was the highlight on that day,
Ohh I definitely need some desserts like that to refresh myslef now,
I miss this Ice so much!! So refreshing and yummy!
Back soon
Megan xx