Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY denim skirt

Well, finally I turned the denim cloth(post of that, here.) officailly to a skirt few days ago.
I borrowed the sewing machine at school and asked for help from the kindest techer in world,Miss Tang. She is so helpful that, not only allowed me to use the sewing machine but also taught me how to do the skirt. I feel really thankful as I learnt a lot from her.
biscally I just sewed the cut end of the cloth and add a zip to the back of the skirt
so here are the processes,

at first, I have an idea of making it to be a wrap skirt,(left:photo from Rumi Needly)
however, the waist will be too small,which doesnt fit me at all, so it turns out to be kinda a "wrap skirt". like the photo below, i fix the floding place by needle.
its turns out not exactlly what I expected,but still pretty cool:)
This skit is flexible,which can be either a skirt or top, both the front and the back can be ways to wear also. it will become one of my favourite bacis item:)
Oufits featuring this skirt was shot, so stay tunned!
shooting day in Thursday!

Megan xx

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