Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneak peek of new haul

So a next up will be my recent haul, quite a lot of them, again.
Its because I earned my first own income finally!yayyy!
Stay tunned!!

P.S. tomorrow I will meet with a local blogger to do some DIY together, quite excited about that:)
Megan xx

Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY denim skirt

Well, finally I turned the denim cloth(post of that, here.) officailly to a skirt few days ago.
I borrowed the sewing machine at school and asked for help from the kindest techer in world,Miss Tang. She is so helpful that, not only allowed me to use the sewing machine but also taught me how to do the skirt. I feel really thankful as I learnt a lot from her.
biscally I just sewed the cut end of the cloth and add a zip to the back of the skirt
so here are the processes,

at first, I have an idea of making it to be a wrap skirt,(left:photo from Rumi Needly)
however, the waist will be too small,which doesnt fit me at all, so it turns out to be kinda a "wrap skirt". like the photo below, i fix the floding place by needle.
its turns out not exactlly what I expected,but still pretty cool:)
This skit is flexible,which can be either a skirt or top, both the front and the back can be ways to wear also. it will become one of my favourite bacis item:)
Oufits featuring this skirt was shot, so stay tunned!
shooting day in Thursday!

Megan xx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shot in messiness

Its been raining persistently in HongKong these weeks,
 rarely have chance snap under bright sunshine. even so, I need to go to school:(
 therefore, my recent outfits were shot inside,including this one. A new shooting is planned on thursday since I have an extra holiday(yayy),but the weather is unstable on that day, wish me luck:s
anyways, this look was shot few weeks ago when I was in my frd 's house.
actually we planned to shoot outside, however it was rainning again, so we stayed home.
we recorded song for fun,which we create some sort of songs haha,but really crazy enough.
on that day I wore my new floral shirt and earings, which I think they looks good with each others.
It was quite crowd for four of us stuck in the room to do the shooting,
 but it worked somehow, let see:p
Floral shirt from vintage shop,leather skirt from F21,Mirror belt from H&M,collar necklace and earings from random boutique
P.S. Recently I got a job of helping my anutie from US to pick up new clothes for her boutique in NY, which I really enjoy the process of choosing the itmes, looking forward for the custumers' reactions. I can really learn a lot from this job, and gain some experience of fashion retailing.
hope you will like this post:)

Megan xx

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A kinda Spring purchases

There are quite a lot of stuffs that I bought within these two months, except the Hat.
Actually,I bought too much recently, some of them I didnt take photos, but most of them are here.
PART1 vintage shirts,
all are from my favourite vintage shop,Meegee
1.Floral shirt
I have wore it once right after that day I bought, I really love the pastel colours of the flowers , which brings a spring mood.
well someone said that it's quite grandma but I just don't care! I love the vintage touch of flowers so much!
2.Black collar shirt
I have to say that  this is another perfect thirft finding. The length and size is just fits!As I am a collar fever, this one is very special, my eyes was spotted on the details of the collor and I couldnt resist to buy it! 

3.Mint green dotted shirt
Well this one is good in the pattern and colour but it is pretty boxy, I look a bit werid when wearing it , but I will figure out a way soon, maybe a white circle skirt and tuck it in I guess?

PART2 Dress, and sweater
4.Lace Dresses,from H&M
I am so excited about it, as I finally have a good white dress,recenly I am feeling to be a bit more girlish, this dress is exactly giving out that kind of feel.
5.two tone sweater from a little boutique
The chiffon sleeves of the sweater draw my attention, as the unstable weather in HongKong now, this is just a fit one, not too cold and too hot.I also love the design of it, easy to match with anything. 
PART 3 Accessories&bag
6.Big Wool Hat ,from Monki
Bought this in Christmas sale, sitll cant find a chance to wear it, so I count it as a new things for me haha.
7.Spikes headband,from random store
I just cant never resist spikes.
8.Golden heart necklace from Forever21
9. Vintage floral earings
 10.Black and Blue Clunches, from random store
Got them at a really worthy price,I am cosidering how to DIY them.
PART4 A pair of lovely shoes<333333
11.Grey Wooden platform from random store
This will be one of the best shoes I've got! I have been wanting for this kind of shoess for a long time since I knew the brand Deandri.
However, the price is too pricy for me and quite complicated to buy it aboard. so when I saw this pairs, I thought it's a perfect subsitute and there was only one pair so I bought it without thinking a second!I am obsessed with the colour and the texture of wooden heels <3333
Thanks for watching,I will update as soon as I can.
 Megan xx

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Girls' night out

I had an amazing night out with my girls,Caro,Clara and Jamie on 31/3,
for the pre-celebration of Caro's birthday! We went to her hometown(Mexico) restaurant for some incrediblly yummy mexican food,I really love it.
After that, we went to coffee shop for a nice long chat, getting to know more about each other, especially Caro, she is an exchange students, it was a really great chance to chat more with her.
We went to lot of places at that day,,Mongkok,Causeway bay,Wan Chai...and Took a lot of photos.
 Jamie,we were on the tram,I took a good shot on her
little details of my bag
The name Coyote of the restaurant
 this is taco, the only name I can remember haha
This is my favourite dish!

doing caro's hair                                               random shot in Forever21
The outfit of the day.........
Denim jacket,mum's old item,Light blue skirt is DIY,essentail Belt from Cotton,
 Spikes headband from mongkok, Necklace from Forever21

Next up will be my recent purchases, quite a lot of them this time,haha. Stay tunned!

Megan xx

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Floral Crown

Finally,I made this floral crown, not sure how to wear it yet, but definitely will wear it for the following photo shootings.
this projec cost very little, 
just some random headband that I have at home, and some fake flowers from grocery store near my home.

1.Some fake flowers and headbands are ready.
 2.Sperate the stems,leaves and flowers by a pair of scissors and hands
 3.Take off the wires that on the flowers 
 3.Take off the wires that on the flowers 
 4. Arrange the flowers and leaves and Glue it on the headband
 5.Finishing product
6.Try it on <3
Yesterday, I went thirfting in my favourite vintage stores, Mee Gee in Mong Kok, found two great shirts! and purchased a white dress in h&m,finally. Hopefully I will upload my recent purchases soon.
p.s. When will the sky stop raining?? I need to have some shots!! and my easter break is going to end so soon:(
Megan xx