Saturday, March 30, 2013

That day in Central

These photos are taken for awhile in Central with my friends, Clara and Wailok
It was a nice day that we discovered some special places, and recklessly climbed on a big "circuit box"(haha,i dun really know whats that actually)
 it was great fun, we shout a lot on streets, and found some goodies in the vintage store



Denim jacket from mum, patterned pants from H&M, Studded platform shoes from Guangzhou,others from random boutiques
It keeps raining in HongKong these days and I hate it!
My Easter break just started, but I cant go for any shootings because of the rains..
and i stuck at home for two days, and finally made my floral crown today,will post soon.
I cant wait to have a shoot featuring the Floral crown, under the birght sunshine
but anyways I will go out tomorrow for shopping and dinning in Mexcian restaurant no matter how rainy it will be!

Megan xx

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crave for white

Here are some inspired white items that I want for this spring and summer,
I cant wait to wear some white flowy clothings walking under the bright sunshine, together with my sun hat and flippers , and take some great shots with the sun.

1.x-tra cutout dress, from, I really love the cutout details.
2.Studded high-low dress, from Forever21(
here), this is a really pretty dress, the on-trend elments,studds and high-low style are combined perfectly in white for the spring season.
3.Lace crop top, from H&M(here), its just a spring and summer must have items!!
4.Lace fringe top, from H&M(here), again, must have itmes! skirt, from American apparel(here), that would be cool to wear with pastel colours,espically for spring and summer!
6.lace cutout dress, from, again,just love the cutout details!
7.Turtleneck crop top, from American apparel(here), I have been finding this for long time, still finding!
hopefully, I will update my DIY floral crown soon:) Stay tunned!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I know spring is already arrive,
but I'm just still missing the winter,which cold enough so I can layer my clothings.
I dont have time to shoot the spring outfits yet, probaly will do some shootings in Easter holidays.
This is the look taken in last month when I was in Guangzhou
awww,just realised that I still have some winter looks atucking in my compiters...

Sweater:H&M(men),Belt:H&M,Laether Skirt:Forever21,bag:Another,other itmes:random botiques
Last time I mentioned about that I would take photos in flower exhibition, my camera is broken on that day! I was really depressed about that:( Without a camera is actually like without life for me:(
Now I am considering to fix it or to buy a new one.
I am having a DIY projects in mind now, I will do it as long as I have a camera back! Stay tunned!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello Sunshine

Finally get some bright shots, I really love this tone of colour.
Photos was shot in Cheung Chau by my friend.
We experienced really a bad service that day in a dessert house called "天然",
I will never ever go to that dessert house again I swear!!That boss was really pissing us off!
 Anyways, apart from that, it was a pretty cool day:)
That day I was wearing a check shirt,
ombre DIY denim shirt(click) wif the DIY necklace(click)
and a red round skirt,knee high socks paired with the
brown lace-up boots from forever 21. The shoes were much difficult to walk than I expected! My feets were dead after walking the whole day in Cheung Chau!:s oh, and also the studded leather bad from Another.
Sigh, next week is going to be a tough week as I will have 1 dictation and 4 tests,wish me luck..
Next up might be Friday or later.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crop Tank top

This is a quick post of the tank top i cut from an boxy and silly t-shirt, which is actually looking really nice now. I am really looking forward to styling it later on. I am sure it will become one of my most wear top for spring and summer, I really love the funny graphic and the tone of colour!
recently I hv been doing a lot of DIYs which are so freaking great, and on saturatday I am going to flower exhibition to take photos, hope I will be able to post them here later on:)

Next up will be a outfit post, Stay tunned!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The left behinnd

After cutting the vest, I had an idea of spendig the rest of the cloth to be a pencil skirt.
As I dont have sewing machine at home, I cant actually make a real skirt
so I belted it up with the elastic band blet, and it works somehow! it turned out a really nice classic high-waisted denim skirt, so I am considering to borrow sewing machine at school or bring it to dress alternation shop to have it sewed. And then maybe I will bleach it again or Any suggestions?

Next post will be about another simple DIY! Stay tunned!  (Yayyy I love DIY, which is my therapy!)
I have read a lot of fashion blogs,videos today, I feel really inspiried and get the motivation to keep moving on blogging, lookbooking. These are the things that can lighten my life up.I just wont give up on doing what I love and passionated about!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another DIY Denim Vest!

Recently i was having a really bad mood, seems nothing can make me feel better but DIY.
thirfted this denim vest skirt 2 months ago wif my friend,Jamie,
and promised to have a makeover on it as her birthday present, but i was lazy and busy until Saturday.
I took it out and start DIY it,
same way i did last time(
Denim Vest<-click), I cut and bleached it,
This time i distrubuted the bleach unevenly on the vest and the result turns out really surprising!

After cutting
After Bleaching(LOVEE!!)
so that it for now, next post will be about how i spent the rest of the cloth of this denim vest:)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lana Del Rey.



Lana is a really great fashion icon, she is so freaking amazing! I just love her face so much, she looks classy and special. Her profound eyes are just perfectly worked with the cat eyeliners. Her great deep voice is very enjoyable for me, my favourite song of her would be ''Summertime Sadness"(video above)
I will post more inspired photos, people here as this save more time but also share my fashion views too:)so Stay tunned!
Megan xx