Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Remember You..

Shoes: H&M,glasses: Cotton on,bag: Clarie's, others: random boutiques.
 As I always wanna reserve the best for last, these photos were shot for awhile ago,long while actually lol. Personally this is one of my favourite shots, perharps its because of the radiant sunshine plus no filter blue sky. You can see the photos were taken in few places,as my friend said this looks make me appearing more energetic so he wanna give me a try in diffrent style.
Felt super embarrassed posing on the sidewalk ,where tons of people were passing by and staring at me. Until I saw at the photos, yeah, it's all worth it. While the other place car park,in a totally different mood, slightly darker tone. So let me know which you like more?
These lace-up heels I got in July were something new to my black shoes collection as I mostly buy black boots only. Despite the sky high Zara one(I can't walk with them at all lol), I chose to pick the H&M one as they seems like a good replacement and more comfy. I really adore the lace-up details, and well, I have to wear them more often before winter arrive!
hope you enjoy this post!
Megan xx 

Friday, September 20, 2013


That's what I wore at Mid-autmn festival(yesterday), and chill out with my best friend. We just messed around in the crowd with a can of beer and talked whatever we want, nothing is better than living a life like this,right? so for a carefree day like this,I usually love wearing comfy basics and less/no makeup(sorry for my tired face lol). I cant live without stripe,black,black ankle boots and most importantly,skater skirts.
I hope you enjoy this short post and have a nice day!
Megs xx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fashion Night Out!

 If you've been reading other Hongkong fashion bloggers' blogs for awhile, you would have known that the 2nd HK Fashion Night Out was held on 6th Sep! Sorry for super late update as I've been busying with school work.
I have to say that it was AWSOME that meeting a lot of fashionistas in one night and catch up with my fashion friends, as you can tell from my photos below!

Tattooed FNO by this gorgeous guy
Meeting the fashion raising star-Zoe Suen from Fashiononymous,she is super nice and I absolutely love her style!
Instagram star RubyGloom
 and our big fashion group bumped into Sarah Ruston fashion director of Lane Crawford!
From left: me, Emily,Nick,Sarah Ruston,Nicole,Maddy,Natile

 In front of the photo booth with another big fashion bloggers group!
met my eye balls twins, amazing Jewelry designer Carmen Chan
had a chit chat with Stunning photographer/blogger Laura
last but not least, my best fashion sister Natile !
It was my very first FNO, I had an good time to meet up with people who share same interests with me, I feel connected!Also,there were drinks,lovely snacks,DIYs and of course awsome clothing,which complete this Fashion Night. We also have some after party drinks in Sevva, which is just a beautiful place. And now ,I cant wait for the second time to go again!
so thats it for now! Hope you enjoy reading my post!

Megan xx

Thursday, September 12, 2013

August Diary + OOTDs

went to the 9th Muse for Christing C 's new collection C. by Christing C. launch party, amazing collections!

19/8, My 18th Birthday! Celebrated with my lovely girls, it was an amazing day!
21/8,another birthday celebration in Disney and OOTD, a total blue and mustard yellow combo
27/8, went to the beatutiful Half Moon Bay for a perfect ending of summer holidays
Sorry for a super late August diary post, I was totally trapped by school days and barely have time to update here since first school day started! sigh. Until today, I am finally be able to squeeze some time for blogging. This post is more like a personal life rather than a fashion post,of course,there are still some ootds, but I'd like to let you know a little more about me!

This summer is probably the last enjoyable holiday for me before my public exam, so I decided to make a little diary to record all the good moments in August. As I mentioned before, it will be a super super tough school year for me as I need to put all the efforts on studying, so I might quit for awhile. but of course, I will still try my very best to update posts here once I have time!
so let me know if you like this kind of post?
lastly- share to all of you one of my favourite songs in summer!

Good Luck!

Megan xx