Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fake Jumpsuit(featured DIY Denim skirt part2)

So finally, the second way to wear my denim skirt is up.
Tons of Schoolwork are killing me recently, and final exam is coming so so so soon!
I will be super busy, probably gone for few weeks.
And right now what I am struggling the most is about how to balance between my study and fashion, I just kinda losing the balance.
this is so hard, its so difficult not to think about fashion, but study is what I most need to do.
What am I gonna do?I am still figuring it out:/
So back to this look, I wear the skirt as a top with the off shoulder white shirt underneath,
I think blue and white is kinda a perfect match, isnt it?
and when I was searching for a skirt to pair wif that,
the blue jeans came out in my mind suddenly, so I was like "Lets just make a jumpsuit!"
so this look came out.
and lastly, I belted the "top" with the neon green(or yellow lol?) belt to keep the waist line.
so thats it, hope you like my look:)
outfit: Denim skirt DIY,blue jeans for H&M,other from random boutiues
I did a shoot with the talented photopgrapher Javier, who is actually the friend of Caro.
It was so much fun, and I cant wait to share the photos! so Stay tuned!
Megan xx

Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Cut

This is just a quick DIY that mainly focus on the previous Zoolook outfit's crop tank top.
Going to thirft shop on weekend seems to be my usual routine now,haha
This time,I was spotted on the logo of this chunck long sleeves shirt.
I love the font style and the word 'Romantique',its very french-liked and classy.
I just slimpy cut off the sleeves,bottom part and that it.It's done!
Hope you enjoy this little upload. See you guys soon:)
Stay tuned!
Megan xx

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zoolook Live Fashion Snap + OOTD

Well,This is the very first time of me to attend a fashion event,
its called "Zoolook Live Fashion Snap" at Causeway bay Apple store.
Zoolook(click)is a free fashion app for people to share ootds:)
This is such a good chance to see lots of fashionable people,and get inspriations from them.
and finally, I can meet with some members of HKfashionbloggers:)
 here are some snaps of them.
Eve Speciall, I love her so much. She is stunning and very cool! 
 Girls from Super Girls(HK singer group),they are pretty. I love that cutout boots and dress!
Eva(ig @eeeeeeeeeeb) and Ceci (ig @no7)
Ruby(ig @rubyrubygloom),and I dont know his name but he looks so stylish!
 HK stars and singer Bonnie and Jonathan.

outfit: DIY crop tank top,Vintage shirt from MEEGEE,Key necklace from Marc Jacob,Studded bag from Another,
 others: random boutiques
I was so nervous at first but then I feel much better.Its really a good experience for me, getting to know more people in this fashion world. I will keep moving on,try my best to explore this fancy fashion world.
 Looking forward for other events! More posts will be uploaded:)
Stay tunned!
P.S.Sorry for some of the photo qualities, the ISO was too high. :|
Megan xx

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick outfits post

Hey guys,I am back.
those days were just like hell, suffering in the pain of losing her.
Everything is done, I still miss her so much....
I hope time will eventually heal me.
If time could reverse,I would definitely spend more time talking to her,listening to her.........:(
Anyways, she reminded me of how important family is,
I will try my very best to love my parents more and more.
I dont want to live in regret anymore.
I learn to TREASURE.
Quite busy on catching up school works now,
I can only squeeze little time on editing this two looks,
one edgy look and one girly look.
Outfit: Studded leather jacket from H&M, Tiger tee for vintage shop MEEGEE, pleather skirt from Forever21, others from random boutique.
Outfit: Mint dotted shirt from Vintage shop MEEGEE, Lace dress from H&M,others from random boutique
so this it for now, another look fearuring denim skrit will be up soon, stay tunned!
Megan xx

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lovin' + joinning HKfashionbloggers!

This is the look that featuring my DIY denim skirt, which goes definitely great with white clothings.Well,I have been so itchy to show this look because I really love it!
The great combinitions with the huge lovely wooden heels and my recent obsessions in white items and denim!
I would say that this is one of my personal favourite looks.

Outfits: White shirt,from mum's old item, Lace top,from local shop,Sliver clunch from Monki,Wooden heels,from local shop, Denim skirt,DIY(here),headband(actually a tie),Vintage shop MEEGEE
So finally, I am one of the members of HKfashionbloggers!
you should definitely check other bloggers' blog as most of them are amazing:)
P.S. I will be gone awhile for my grandma's furneal..:(
Stay tunned!
Megan xx

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gala balck

Something really bad happened today, my grandma passed away in this morning. Everything came too sudden, I am shocked.I dont know what to say at the moment.I will miss her.
R.I.P grandma.
anyways,we must move on,
back to the outfit, the title of Gala back means Galaxy + Black combinitions in this outfit.


DIY studded Sneakers(here)
See you in next oufits post,Stay tunned!
Megan xx

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Haul again

So finally get some time to update my haul,
three of them were thirfted and the others were bought when I was working,bought at worthy prices.
They arent from any brands but they are COOL for me indeed, so dont judge me:p
From Vintage shop MeeGee,
seriously I am really addicted to go there, like I will go there at least 3-4 times a month.
1.Tiger T-shirt
Usually,I dont buy any t-shirts from thift store because I think they are quite dirty and oily(ewww), but this one is really cool, I cant get rid of the tiger print at all. Thinking of DIY it or leave it like this.
2. Striped shirt
This shirt is just awsome!The see through details just made the shirt become the most special shirt I have ever got.
3. Acid wash denim jacket
There was a funny part that when I  paid for the jacket, the owner was kinda regret of selling this jacket to me cuz the price is too low and the jacket is too awsome. but anyways,I dont care cuz it's MINE now.

From my working place,
1.Galaxy printed leggings
Love this colour.
2.Simpsons Tank top
The prints are so cute.
3.Lace fringe crop top
This is one of the perfect cravings(here) for white.
3.leather "bodice"?(I dont really know how to call it actually)
I just thought it looks cool so I got it, still figuring out a way to wear.
So thats it for my haul, new outfits post will be up soon, featuring my denim skirt and these items, so stay tunned!

PS photos were taken by my phone, not bad right?
Megan xx