Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cool Blue

Thanks to typhoon No.8,I have an extra holiday today. Everything has been going on smoothly so far.I'm getting used to my new school life now, I love the campus and my new schoolmates. This look was shot in a so called ''snapshot spot'' around all fashion students in the campus. I thought my blue outfit would merge perfectly in the grey walls so me and my new friend Timothy decided to do some shooting there. I went all blue from head to toe, and I have to say that those blue shoes are very comfy enough to walk around the whole day in the campus while still be able to add some extra height. And just because I am so in love with blue recently,I even thinking of dying my hair into greenish-blue, but I am still hesitating due the damage effect of bleaching the hair.Should I dye it,no? 

Megan xx