Monday, August 20, 2012

17th Birthday and Outfit of the day

yesterday was my 17th birthday, so finally, i'm officially a seventeen yr-old girl now:). I had a nice day yesterday wif people i love<3 , all my worries of being older was gone:)
 as i am on diet, this is my little birthday cake :)
one of the pages:p
also visit doraemon in harbour city, tones of people were taking photos there,really crowd :s

so this is my birthday outfit
loving this necklace recently<3

see u:)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the last day of sixteen.

Time flies.
after today,i will be a seventeen girl. I'm supposed to be more mature,and be able to define who i am. however,i'm quite dissapointed on myself, still feeling lost and cant find my goal. I am not that little girl who can cry on mum's shoulder anymore, but i just always cant handle my emotions well and always look down on my own. i just dun wanna grow up:(

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lookbook: Colourful Summer

want some colours to light up my life, this is the outfit of the day.
as u can see,i put many bringht colours together, feeling so happy and cheerful:)
the shirt,backpack and the shoes were bought in my trip to Guangzhou!

this is the fake rose tattoo,i think that is really cute.
i always look weird in front on the camera, thats why i always show the photos wif my face look downwards:(

went to the homemade cafe on that day,there were many cartoons( hulo,angry bird :p)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lookbook: whats in my mind?

  recently, i keep questioning myself these days,what should i do in the future, how should i walk my way, whats my goal? sharing fashion style,blogging,photo taking are supposed to be my favourite activities, but appreciations from others are really important, will i get them? maybe i should work harder on that.

so here is the outfit i took few weeks ago,hope u like it. :)