Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Take a break

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Finally I am on my Christmas holiday,taking a short break. Cant believe its already a month since my last update, so if you are still following me, Thank you and sorry to make you wait so long:(
 I wore this outfit to gifts shopped with my best friend in TST a week ago. My outfit is inspired from the warmth of Christmas,besides wearing the default Christmas colours a.k.a. red and white,I decided to soften the look by nude pink and gold. The gold skirt can definitely glam up any outfits for holiday and yet maintain simple and chic with the nude pink sweater from H&M in this look.I also rocked with gold accessories and golden chain backpack to complete the warm christmas vibe. So let me know if you like this look? 
and I hope y'all have a joyful Christmas!

See you soon!

Megan xx

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Flame

Dress: thirfted(MEE&GEE),Bag&Boots:online store,necklace:Marc by Marc Jacobs,Belt:Cotton on
Guys,you have no idea of how much I miss here! There are still few shots that I've done with Jonathan a month ago,don't blame me--I am drown by tons of workload:\
  The weather is getting chilly now,which means sweaters and coats should be lined up in closet! So I guess this will be probably last sleeveless look for this year. This mid-length dress that I thifted from Mee&Gee is definitely a new try for me as I am not a big fan of long dresses.The orangish tie dye pattern surprisingly caught my eyes and I had to get it!Turns out at it is such a photogenic dress and appear like the flame under the sunlight.
Hope you like this look!
I'll try my best to update here as soon as possible! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sorry for not updating here for awhile,I've been busying with school stuffs.I barely have time for outfit shooting, this look were shot by Jonathan a month ago(I know I am really late!sorry:\).
Recently, I've been loving plaids a lot, and which is a forever green trend for fall/winter season.
Just finished digging all the plaid items from my closet and ready for fall! How about you? do you like plaid?
Hope you like this short update!
see you soon!
Megan xx

Monday, October 21, 2013


Fabulous story - I have just DONE my first exam today! Finally got time to update here.
These impromtu shots were done by me a.k.a. tripod around three weeks ago.The cut out nude top is way too sexy for an outdoor shoot,perhaps someday I will figure ways to wear it. I dont even remember why I bought it as I probably won't wear it on street, but it was a really good top though. So I decided to go with true blue denim suit(shirt via thirft shop and skirt was DIY) as a slightly contra with the nude colour.Denims give out casualness to dress down the feminine top a little bit and gold jewelleries to maintain the warm look.
Another shot done with Jonathan two weeks ago will be up soon, stay tuned for that!
Hope you enjoy reading this post!
Megan xx

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Come Back to Me

photos by Jonathan,edited by me
I've been itchy to show you these amazing shots done by my best friend Jonathan,who just started his blog Âme de NÂTHON recently(check it out to see his style of editing!) , he has the gifted art sense that came up with the whole shooting idea.
I just love these shots a lot, hey there- Jonathan you have done an amazing job! 
(click to see his blog here)
And what could be more relaxed and fearless than having photoshoot with your cloest friend?It was an amazing time!
so let me know if you like these photos?
Stay tuned for my next post!

Happy holidays guys:D!
Megs xx

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Remember You..

Shoes: H&M,glasses: Cotton on,bag: Clarie's, others: random boutiques.
 As I always wanna reserve the best for last, these photos were shot for awhile ago,long while actually lol. Personally this is one of my favourite shots, perharps its because of the radiant sunshine plus no filter blue sky. You can see the photos were taken in few places,as my friend said this looks make me appearing more energetic so he wanna give me a try in diffrent style.
Felt super embarrassed posing on the sidewalk ,where tons of people were passing by and staring at me. Until I saw at the photos, yeah, it's all worth it. While the other place car park,in a totally different mood, slightly darker tone. So let me know which you like more?
These lace-up heels I got in July were something new to my black shoes collection as I mostly buy black boots only. Despite the sky high Zara one(I can't walk with them at all lol), I chose to pick the H&M one as they seems like a good replacement and more comfy. I really adore the lace-up details, and well, I have to wear them more often before winter arrive!
hope you enjoy this post!
Megan xx 

Friday, September 20, 2013


That's what I wore at Mid-autmn festival(yesterday), and chill out with my best friend. We just messed around in the crowd with a can of beer and talked whatever we want, nothing is better than living a life like this,right? so for a carefree day like this,I usually love wearing comfy basics and less/no makeup(sorry for my tired face lol). I cant live without stripe,black,black ankle boots and most importantly,skater skirts.
I hope you enjoy this short post and have a nice day!
Megs xx