Friday, December 28, 2012

Lookbook: The vintage one

I had two rush days on 24th and 25th, i went Disneyland, watched my favourite long-waited movie--Breaking Dawn part 2(I still cant get used wif the fact that twilight series were ended:( ), photoshooting wif my frds. i felt so tried after those and had a cold because that.

anyways,here is my second look that i shoot wif my frd Jamie.
This is a very vintage one, the shirt and the bag are actually older me,haha.
i bought the dog patterned shirt from the vintage shop that i mention before, i just love it, i can wear it wif everything!
about the bag, its from mum again(maybe i should make a collection of mum's old items?), a very classic one from YSL, and i love it.




Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY project : Studded Sneakers

This is an overdue project that i have done few months ago,
because of the dance performance ,bought this pair of fake black converse
its quite embarrassing to show those ''logo''
so i decided to re-design the shoes wif these studs that i got from my frd
spent almost 2 hours to finish that, with my fingers hurt by the extremely sharp claws
but i am quite satisfied with that


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lookbook: Sliver

Wohoo,my most expected Christmas holidays is coming!
however, i will have my first term Exam after that, which is kind of sad for me:(
anyways,back to the outfit, this is one of my favourite looks overall,
the grey sweater(hmm,i hv to get more light colour items,as this is like the only one for me) is just works perfectly with my favourite metalic snake skin pants,i cant stop wearing since i got them!
at the day of shooting, it was 26 degree and i kept sweating,
the weather is really strange now, its just so werid to sweat in December,isnt it?




Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall in Red

Today, when i was packing my clothings,
i found that i have so many red items, especially burgundy red:p
unquestionably,burgunday red is really on trend now
and i am totally obsessed wif that,
and i cant control myself on buying them
opps,which turns out that.........
i think i hv to stop myself on chosing red again.
1. Blazer, from mum's old item
2. Denim Vest,fromLevis
3. Lace Dress,from Cotton on
4. Leather pants, from H&M
5. Oversized Wool Sweater, from dad's old item
6. Sweater, From random boutique
7. Men Sweater , from H&M
8. Leather Skirt, from random bouique
9. Circle Skirt, from random boutique

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lookbook: the yellow flower

havent updated for almost a month,
i was buying wif school stuffs again.
being a Hong Kong students is really not an easy job, tons of tests,homework stress on me everyday
i really hope i hv more time to do what i really LOVE
anyways,i hv found my dream,that i wanna study Fashion & Textile.
so here is look for the fall, this is a very late post i December is coming alreadly....

so the shirt is thirfted from vintage shop,the denim is also thirfted and DIY by me,
which i really love both of them
ad the skirt is from a random boutique, and the belt and shoes are always my essentials


Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY the eyes collar.

i was having this eyes collar in mind for awhile,wondering how to make it.
then , found that my eyes earings can be pluged into the thin cotton shirt form H&M.
i am really happy about finding that out,
i think i will plug other earings on this shirt too and layers wif other stuffs for my winter:)
this is the look that i styled,as usual,i love wearing skrit:)
plus,i really love these collection of  photos<3



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Galaxy nails

i draw the galaxy nails for mum,
i always 'borrow' mum's hands to let me paint :p


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY project, Demin Vest

yeahhhhhh,inpsired by many great fashion bloggbers and youtubers,
i have been doing some DIY project, this denim vest is my favourite one now!i cant wait to style them<3333
so i cut and bleached the vest,
lalalala i love it!
it was a really denim 'dress' when i got them in thrift store:)

before cuting it, i tried to style it and took few photos
yeah,this is how it look after!lovelovelove!

well,although i know there is actually no one watching my blog... i will keep on posting,for my own reference.......:)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cheung Chau--part 1

 so ,this is a post that i supposed to post in August....i know its late....cuz of the same reason again..School.
whatever, i went to Cheung Chau wif my frds,hayes and virgina for the celebration of my birthday.
we took a lot of photos, ate a lot of food, i was a nice time:)

the deserts were much cheaper than other place,and tasty
virgin was eating the 'big fish ball':P

ahha,this is how i use the stick after virgin finished eating the fish balls
this nice gift from hayes, the candies look really beautiful.
but wif a little werid taste,but i dun care,i love it :D

 nice place and,

nice frds:)

there is a part 2 coming up, of the photos we took:p


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recent purchases

This is what i bought recently.
well, as i student, i cant efford buying expensive items
here i spend only HK$300 to get all these stuffs

1. cherry red lace dress,from Cotton on on sale, which i love it so much as it fits me really well.
2. a veryyy long denim vest, from thrift store, bought for DIY,which i will post very soon.
3. vintage dog pattern shirt, from thirft store, its unique and i love it.
4.  metallic snake skin jeans, from Cotton on on sale, it is soooo cheap and its the trend of winter:)

5. Studds headband, from random store, finally i got one, i have wanted it so badly!
6. mustard yellow pleated skirt, from random boutique, well i just thought that i should hv more different colours of skirt and this is cool enough for me:)

yeahhh done, time to sleep, nite:)