Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1 Coat in 2 style

Coat - Playlord
white skirt- Zara/Pants- Meegee     
White platform shoes - Jeanasis/Boots - Random boutique
Shirt- Meegee/ sweater- Random boutique
Hey,y'all- I hope there aren't too much photos for you as I couldn't decide which to abandon:p
Yeah, it's something new here as I haven't done any kind of styling the same items in different ways on blog. This idea came to my mind when i was browsing my recent photoshoots, and why not combine two into one? I found that it's fun to make it, so yeah, there will be more posts like this in the furture probably, let me know if you like it?
Anyways, I've bought this coat due to a friend's recommendation in a flea market. I know it's might not be everyone's taste as the colour is kinda difficult to match with or someone might even hate pastel orange:D but I don't, as I've mentioned my 'orange obsession' before. This coat is well made, good quality and super warm(80%wool), most important is, it's a bargain!
Seriously, How could I pass it? It's spring now,  just put on some white items with it and you are good to go:) Even though I had been wearing black and white the most lately and I wasn't quite sure about myself in so much colours but yeah it's Spring, just try out something new!
Hope this post can give you some ideas on styling some special colour clothings and step out of the comfort zone:)

Until next time,

Megan x