Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fall Leaves

Speaking of the fall season, what kind of outfits will you think of? Yes-- perfect season for wearing layerings. Normally for me, it always reminds me of many dark colors, especially burgundy, such a representable color for fall. However, this year I've decided to add some spice to my beloved Autumn--Orange, the shade of fall leaves. It's my new favourite color of the year! If you have noticed the runway shows,orange can always be seen, like Hermes and Mui Mui were using orange for their fabulous collections.
This is one of my favourite shots lately,so loads of photos were selected to post here haha. Wasn't so sure of myself in this orange skirt,but turns out it looks great in pictures. I think it would fit better if I can lose a bit weight lol ,well I have been working out for that recently.Or I should also get an orange coat, I've eyeing on one lately. So as usual I kept the rest of the items simple to keep the skirt outshining. So let me know if you like this fall look? 
Stay tuned.

Megan x

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OOTD of Yesterday

A quick outfit post this time, few shots were done yesterday with my classmates. It was an exhausting period for me lately, wasn't on a blogging mood but as promised to blog more regularly, I've decided to make this quick outfit post. This is just what I wear the most lately, denim jacket with a dress, quick and easy. I guess it's just everyone's taste, which explains me and my friend Hera wearing the same sort of matching coincidentally, haha. We became lovely denim sister lol
I've mentioned that many shots were done, hopefully will be up right after my tests are done( Saturday) 

bye for now
Megan x

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shades of Blue

Right, it's blue again--if you've noticed, blue white combination appears a lot in my outfit palette. Guess I'm seriously obsessed in blue so when I saw this blue stripe shirt, I know I couldn't leave it behind.Absolutely love the way it well mixed the different shades of blue into the stripe pattern, which reminded me of the timeless stripe by Paul smith(click to have a look). I kept the rest of the items in white to make it clean and simple, hope you like this look.
Every Tuesday is the default shooting day, few shoots were done if you followed my Instagram, so stay tuned for the next one, I'll try my best to manage my time to blog more regularly.

Megan x