Thursday, March 6, 2014


Shoot by Krisha(check her out!) 
Sorry for lacking of posts recently and thankyou so much if you are still following me. I am having study leave right now,so basically one more month till my public exam start. Squeezed a little time to make a short update here, these shots were done by awsome Krisha previously when she was having a short interview with me(thanks Kris:P) ,so check her blog if you are interested!
I promise I will be back by May with things that I've been dying to do and share!
Stay tuned!
share one of my favourite songs to you all, 
hope y'all enjoy!

Good Luck everyone and to myself in exam x.x
Megs xx


  1. Overcool pics :)
    Nice outfit too <3

  2. wow your style is amazing i just love your blog xoxox

  3. Love this! Love the jumper x

    Just stared a blog. Please take a look!


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