Thursday, October 9, 2014

Easy & Airy

The most favorable season-Fall has finally arrived, that walking around the city without sweat while can put on either summery clothing or layers. Photos were shot in early Autumn,as you can tell that day was cosy and windy. I went to a flea market with my friends in North Point. 
  Was feeling lazy that day, so I decided to put on some airy items--a Cami from Forever21 and a super light pleated metallic skirt all in grey and sliver tone and a pair of white shoes will never go wrong with. High heels are essential to me, I love adding extra height in all my looks.I'm pretty sure these pair of white chunky heels are so familiar as they showed up in everywhere(blogs,Instagram,magazines) if you have noticed. They just go with many lots of outfits and they were the shoes I wear the most in this Summer. Hope you like this look!

 Until next time,
Megan xx

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