Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vintage modern

Kimono blazer-thrifted,Black shirt-thrifted,White shirt(collar part)-H&M,Skirt-Zara,Watch-Casio,others-random boutique
As described above, clothing items were half from thrift shop and half from fast fashion shops and that's reason why this look is titled as vintage modern. It's always fun to modernize vintage items into a uniquely chic look.Obviously,the kimono blazer is the focal point of this look, the sort of 'marineish' map-liked brownish pattern(just from my imaginations,sorry for poor description lol) assembles its uniqueness and that's why I was obsessed with it when I first saw it at the thrift shop.It also hits at the right length to cover up my body, As the blazer is flowery enough so I decided to go in all black for the rest of the items to maintain the chicness. Hope you like this look! Stay tuned for the next post.

Love from,

Megan xx


Thankyou! You words mean a lot to me!
I will read them all for sure:)