Thursday, May 2, 2013

Haul again

So finally get some time to update my haul,
three of them were thirfted and the others were bought when I was working,bought at worthy prices.
They arent from any brands but they are COOL for me indeed, so dont judge me:p
From Vintage shop MeeGee,
seriously I am really addicted to go there, like I will go there at least 3-4 times a month.
1.Tiger T-shirt
Usually,I dont buy any t-shirts from thift store because I think they are quite dirty and oily(ewww), but this one is really cool, I cant get rid of the tiger print at all. Thinking of DIY it or leave it like this.
2. Striped shirt
This shirt is just awsome!The see through details just made the shirt become the most special shirt I have ever got.
3. Acid wash denim jacket
There was a funny part that when I  paid for the jacket, the owner was kinda regret of selling this jacket to me cuz the price is too low and the jacket is too awsome. but anyways,I dont care cuz it's MINE now.

From my working place,
1.Galaxy printed leggings
Love this colour.
2.Simpsons Tank top
The prints are so cute.
3.Lace fringe crop top
This is one of the perfect cravings(here) for white.
3.leather "bodice"?(I dont really know how to call it actually)
I just thought it looks cool so I got it, still figuring out a way to wear.
So thats it for my haul, new outfits post will be up soon, featuring my denim skirt and these items, so stay tunned!

PS photos were taken by my phone, not bad right?
Megan xx

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