Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fake Jumpsuit(featured DIY Denim skirt part2)

So finally, the second way to wear my denim skirt is up.
Tons of Schoolwork are killing me recently, and final exam is coming so so so soon!
I will be super busy, probably gone for few weeks.
And right now what I am struggling the most is about how to balance between my study and fashion, I just kinda losing the balance.
this is so hard, its so difficult not to think about fashion, but study is what I most need to do.
What am I gonna do?I am still figuring it out:/
So back to this look, I wear the skirt as a top with the off shoulder white shirt underneath,
I think blue and white is kinda a perfect match, isnt it?
and when I was searching for a skirt to pair wif that,
the blue jeans came out in my mind suddenly, so I was like "Lets just make a jumpsuit!"
so this look came out.
and lastly, I belted the "top" with the neon green(or yellow lol?) belt to keep the waist line.
so thats it, hope you like my look:)
outfit: Denim skirt DIY,blue jeans for H&M,other from random boutiues
I did a shoot with the talented photopgrapher Javier, who is actually the friend of Caro.
It was so much fun, and I cant wait to share the photos! so Stay tuned!
Megan xx

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  1. I love the idea of the jumpsuit. Also the neon belt looks super cute with denim!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)


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