Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Floral Crown

Finally,I made this floral crown, not sure how to wear it yet, but definitely will wear it for the following photo shootings.
this projec cost very little, 
just some random headband that I have at home, and some fake flowers from grocery store near my home.

1.Some fake flowers and headbands are ready.
 2.Sperate the stems,leaves and flowers by a pair of scissors and hands
 3.Take off the wires that on the flowers 
 3.Take off the wires that on the flowers 
 4. Arrange the flowers and leaves and Glue it on the headband
 5.Finishing product
6.Try it on <3
Yesterday, I went thirfting in my favourite vintage stores, Mee Gee in Mong Kok, found two great shirts! and purchased a white dress in h&m,finally. Hopefully I will upload my recent purchases soon.
p.s. When will the sky stop raining?? I need to have some shots!! and my easter break is going to end so soon:(
Megan xx


  1. Awesome DIY! You have a great blog and amazing style dear! <3

    XO J

  2. Your blog is lovely & as is your style!
    followed via bloglovin :)

    x g.

  3. such a lovely DIY :) Can't wait to see more, I've followed you via bloglovin' :) x


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