Sunday, September 29, 2013

I Remember You..

Shoes: H&M,glasses: Cotton on,bag: Clarie's, others: random boutiques.
 As I always wanna reserve the best for last, these photos were shot for awhile ago,long while actually lol. Personally this is one of my favourite shots, perharps its because of the radiant sunshine plus no filter blue sky. You can see the photos were taken in few places,as my friend said this looks make me appearing more energetic so he wanna give me a try in diffrent style.
Felt super embarrassed posing on the sidewalk ,where tons of people were passing by and staring at me. Until I saw at the photos, yeah, it's all worth it. While the other place car park,in a totally different mood, slightly darker tone. So let me know which you like more?
These lace-up heels I got in July were something new to my black shoes collection as I mostly buy black boots only. Despite the sky high Zara one(I can't walk with them at all lol), I chose to pick the H&M one as they seems like a good replacement and more comfy. I really adore the lace-up details, and well, I have to wear them more often before winter arrive!
hope you enjoy this post!
Megan xx 


Thankyou! You words mean a lot to me!
I will read them all for sure:)