Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall in Red

Today, when i was packing my clothings,
i found that i have so many red items, especially burgundy red:p
unquestionably,burgunday red is really on trend now
and i am totally obsessed wif that,
and i cant control myself on buying them
opps,which turns out that.........
i think i hv to stop myself on chosing red again.
1. Blazer, from mum's old item
2. Denim Vest,fromLevis
3. Lace Dress,from Cotton on
4. Leather pants, from H&M
5. Oversized Wool Sweater, from dad's old item
6. Sweater, From random boutique
7. Men Sweater , from H&M
8. Leather Skirt, from random bouique
9. Circle Skirt, from random boutique

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