Sunday, April 14, 2013

A kinda Spring purchases

There are quite a lot of stuffs that I bought within these two months, except the Hat.
Actually,I bought too much recently, some of them I didnt take photos, but most of them are here.
PART1 vintage shirts,
all are from my favourite vintage shop,Meegee
1.Floral shirt
I have wore it once right after that day I bought, I really love the pastel colours of the flowers , which brings a spring mood.
well someone said that it's quite grandma but I just don't care! I love the vintage touch of flowers so much!
2.Black collar shirt
I have to say that  this is another perfect thirft finding. The length and size is just fits!As I am a collar fever, this one is very special, my eyes was spotted on the details of the collor and I couldnt resist to buy it! 

3.Mint green dotted shirt
Well this one is good in the pattern and colour but it is pretty boxy, I look a bit werid when wearing it , but I will figure out a way soon, maybe a white circle skirt and tuck it in I guess?

PART2 Dress, and sweater
4.Lace Dresses,from H&M
I am so excited about it, as I finally have a good white dress,recenly I am feeling to be a bit more girlish, this dress is exactly giving out that kind of feel.
5.two tone sweater from a little boutique
The chiffon sleeves of the sweater draw my attention, as the unstable weather in HongKong now, this is just a fit one, not too cold and too hot.I also love the design of it, easy to match with anything. 
PART 3 Accessories&bag
6.Big Wool Hat ,from Monki
Bought this in Christmas sale, sitll cant find a chance to wear it, so I count it as a new things for me haha.
7.Spikes headband,from random store
I just cant never resist spikes.
8.Golden heart necklace from Forever21
9. Vintage floral earings
 10.Black and Blue Clunches, from random store
Got them at a really worthy price,I am cosidering how to DIY them.
PART4 A pair of lovely shoes<333333
11.Grey Wooden platform from random store
This will be one of the best shoes I've got! I have been wanting for this kind of shoess for a long time since I knew the brand Deandri.
However, the price is too pricy for me and quite complicated to buy it aboard. so when I saw this pairs, I thought it's a perfect subsitute and there was only one pair so I bought it without thinking a second!I am obsessed with the colour and the texture of wooden heels <3333
Thanks for watching,I will update as soon as I can.
 Megan xx

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