Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shot in messiness

Its been raining persistently in HongKong these weeks,
 rarely have chance snap under bright sunshine. even so, I need to go to school:(
 therefore, my recent outfits were shot inside,including this one. A new shooting is planned on thursday since I have an extra holiday(yayy),but the weather is unstable on that day, wish me luck:s
anyways, this look was shot few weeks ago when I was in my frd 's house.
actually we planned to shoot outside, however it was rainning again, so we stayed home.
we recorded song for fun,which we create some sort of songs haha,but really crazy enough.
on that day I wore my new floral shirt and earings, which I think they looks good with each others.
It was quite crowd for four of us stuck in the room to do the shooting,
 but it worked somehow, let see:p
Floral shirt from vintage shop,leather skirt from F21,Mirror belt from H&M,collar necklace and earings from random boutique
P.S. Recently I got a job of helping my anutie from US to pick up new clothes for her boutique in NY, which I really enjoy the process of choosing the itmes, looking forward for the custumers' reactions. I can really learn a lot from this job, and gain some experience of fashion retailing.
hope you will like this post:)

Megan xx


Thankyou! You words mean a lot to me!
I will read them all for sure:)