Monday, August 20, 2012

17th Birthday and Outfit of the day

yesterday was my 17th birthday, so finally, i'm officially a seventeen yr-old girl now:). I had a nice day yesterday wif people i love<3 , all my worries of being older was gone:)
 as i am on diet, this is my little birthday cake :)
one of the pages:p
also visit doraemon in harbour city, tones of people were taking photos there,really crowd :s

so this is my birthday outfit
loving this necklace recently<3

see u:)


  1. Absolutely loving the blog!!! Nice post too! You're a brilliant blogger :-)

    Happy hump day as well (so glad the week's half over - hahaha!!!)

    1. thank you so much for ur support!
      means a lot to me!!


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