Thursday, July 25, 2013

Massive Haul

Resting the whole day at home, finally got some time to edit photos, and do what I initially wanted to do when I first started blogging,share thirfting pieces.
Being a student with limited shopping budget like me doesnt mean that we cant follow the trend, the best way is to go thirfting, low price,unique clothings and expressing in our own way. I did doubted about wheather I should share what I bought, I afraid to be judgged but now maybe I think thats one of my features and styles and fashion isnt all about expressing in yourself in any ways you want, right?
so lets move on to my bunch of purchases recently from vintage shop MeeGee and other stores.
Part 1, Denimsss, what I always look for 
This high waisted denim skirts was what I mention in previous post about Kusbi, similar idea of their embroidered denim jacket(here).
 High waited circle skirt,which was a long skirt then I chop it off and became a on trend denim skirt:)
 again denim skirt, I love this classic denim blue colour, which I might going to DIY,stay tuned for that:P
 light blue denim dungaree dress,wore it once(here),so comfy
Part 2 shirts&skirt
My same old trick, old tee and cut the sleeves
This floral shirt isnt my usual style,I don't why I bought this but I will figure out a way to wear it.
This tie dye shirt is my newestite piece! can't wait to wear it!
 Part 3 Jacket, I dont usually my any sweater or jacket from meegee as I think they are kinda hard to clean but this one is really cute and worthy, I cant resist it,it would be great for fall!
thirfted haul is done, move to shoes haul,
I got this boots from Monki, a really cute one,I love the back strap design, add a bit of special to them
Ankle boots from Cotton on, I have been wanting some nude boots for a long time and finally found them, and the black one is my usual choice, so I got both.
I guess its called white see through lace-up platforms(so long lol)? I got it from Online shop,Taobao, this is just a pair of good trend shoes,white and see throuhgh.
 stripe crop top and disco pants also from online shop, the quality are actually good!
Well,speaking of online shop,recently I found the HK online store Zalora ,which offer wide range of items at an really affordable price.I especially love the variety choice(more than 1000!) of dresses of Zalora,most of them are really worthy and looking nice and chic.It's awsome to be able to buy a lot from Zalora without worrying out of budget.
so basically that's it!
Hope you enjoy this post,just did photoshoot with my friend on the previous days,will be up soon!
Megan xx

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  1. OMG meegee buddy!!!! Let's go again soon :) and you've got to teach me some sewing skills someday.

    Loved this post.



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