Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fashionista Challenge at Replay

Invited by Jones Lang LaSalle Hong Kong, me and some bloggers joinned a Fashionista Challenge.
We styled celebreties Rosemary or Carl Ng with Replay's A/W 2013 collections.
It was so much fun, and we tried some really super tasty and healthy Snacks from Eat Fresh 
Rosemary and the Chief of Eat Fresh
Carl is very nice and funny, he was trying to make my head appear bigger in the photos,haha
Styled look by Nicole from Fashion Wonton
Styled Rosemary by me,if you like it you can VOTE HERE (press like),Thanks:)
P.S. I'm supposed to have more photos to share, but they were all blured:(
but anyways, my own camera is finally BACK!
Next post will be up soon, Stay tuned:)

Megan xx


  1. What a cool event! And you styled Rosemary - wow!!! What a honour! Thanks for sharing :) xx

    1. Hi! yeah it was cool:)
      Thanks for your comment:)


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