Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The left behinnd

After cutting the vest, I had an idea of spendig the rest of the cloth to be a pencil skirt.
As I dont have sewing machine at home, I cant actually make a real skirt
so I belted it up with the elastic band blet, and it works somehow! it turned out a really nice classic high-waisted denim skirt, so I am considering to borrow sewing machine at school or bring it to dress alternation shop to have it sewed. And then maybe I will bleach it again or Any suggestions?

Next post will be about another simple DIY! Stay tunned!  (Yayyy I love DIY, which is my therapy!)
I have read a lot of fashion blogs,videos today, I feel really inspiried and get the motivation to keep moving on blogging, lookbooking. These are the things that can lighten my life up.I just wont give up on doing what I love and passionated about!

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