Saturday, March 30, 2013

That day in Central

These photos are taken for awhile in Central with my friends, Clara and Wailok
It was a nice day that we discovered some special places, and recklessly climbed on a big "circuit box"(haha,i dun really know whats that actually)
 it was great fun, we shout a lot on streets, and found some goodies in the vintage store



Denim jacket from mum, patterned pants from H&M, Studded platform shoes from Guangzhou,others from random boutiques
It keeps raining in HongKong these days and I hate it!
My Easter break just started, but I cant go for any shootings because of the rains..
and i stuck at home for two days, and finally made my floral crown today,will post soon.
I cant wait to have a shoot featuring the Floral crown, under the birght sunshine
but anyways I will go out tomorrow for shopping and dinning in Mexcian restaurant no matter how rainy it will be!

Megan xx

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