Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello Sunshine

Finally get some bright shots, I really love this tone of colour.
Photos was shot in Cheung Chau by my friend.
We experienced really a bad service that day in a dessert house called "天然",
I will never ever go to that dessert house again I swear!!That boss was really pissing us off!
 Anyways, apart from that, it was a pretty cool day:)
That day I was wearing a check shirt,
ombre DIY denim shirt(click) wif the DIY necklace(click)
and a red round skirt,knee high socks paired with the
brown lace-up boots from forever 21. The shoes were much difficult to walk than I expected! My feets were dead after walking the whole day in Cheung Chau!:s oh, and also the studded leather bad from Another.
Sigh, next week is going to be a tough week as I will have 1 dictation and 4 tests,wish me luck..
Next up might be Friday or later.


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